Anonymous: you don't need a boyfriend you got me boo

I want a cute boyfriend where do you find those?

"Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life."
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Anonymous: Do you moisturize your scalp or do you just leave it be?

I put coconut oil on it after I shower out of habit; I always have residue on my hands after moisturizing my face and I’ll just rub it on my head to get it off but other than that I don’t really think about my head too much it doesn’t really get dry



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ntrt: How did you choose the name 000sportwear? I always stress out over names... I'm doing it right now

Im so shit at picking names, When I was an editor of my online magazine it took me a  whole active year to come up with my magazine name, so this time, I made it a point to just go with the first thing I liked and not to over think it. (I over think EVERYTHINGGG)I also didn’t want to choose anything too specific that would compartmentalize my aesthetic and wouldn’t allow me to be versatile… and most importantly I didn’t want anything cheesy or corny like “Nasty Gal” or something like that.

what I’m making is sportswear and that’s as general as it gets so I was like, yup that’s it. I’m calling it sportwear (minus the s) because why the fuck not. the 0’s came from my obsession with mathematical theories on the number 0 and circles and their significance to the human existence. (I was reading a book on that subject at the time and I’ve got a circle tattoo so my obsession is on overdrive) so I added that to the name, I put 3 of them there because It pleases my anxiety to have 3 of things

and that is it!

Currently looking for some on hand help with some 000sportwear Campaign shoots.

I’m looking for someone with creative interest and/or experiences in  photography, marketing, creative direction, social media, styling, and/or fashion design.

If you live in the Central Florida area, are 18+ and are interested in working in a creative environment and want to create some #art with me, email me at and I can provide you with some more information.

include in your email: 
+ a portfolio/blog/instagram link (anything to give me a general idea of your creative aesthetic)
+ your resume or a run down of relevant experiences if applicable (experience isn’t necessary but helpful if you’ve got it)
+ a general idea of who you are and what your interest are

(this is an offer for a one time non-paying gig and if you’re pleasant, creative and a great worker, there’s possibility for permanent hire as a paying assistant)

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being black and putting on your white voice at the drop of a dime is akin to being bilingual

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