i am the greatest man that ever lived


I don't understand this whole idea of this kind of back handed compliment of asking someone how they're so comfortable with themselves? like what? are you saying, that they normally shouldn't be? Is it bothersome to see a young black woman being beautiful and comfortable with herself? I don't understand people.
- Anonymous

thats exactly how I’m feeling.

like I don’t see any reason why I have to look in the mirror and be anything but pleased with at least most of what I see. Not to say I don’t have any “flaws" or things I’d like to work on but even those things I try to celebrate and show love to because why the fuck not. Why be miserable about shit about yourself that you hate when there’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much of you that you can love to such a degree that the other things start to seem like not even a big deal because guess what, they aren’t. 

like im cute af what exactly is there not to love? that shit isn’t imaginary, I’m not making my cuteness up, there’s proof of this shit, scientific fucking evidence lol. Maybe, i'm tripping but It seems like such a redundant question.

Hi can I ask What's the lipstick you're wearing in your outfit of the month post??
- Anonymous

i made a video about this so I would never have to answer this question again (watch it here)

Emergency Inquiry Needed: How does one know if they are indeed a bad ball-busting bitch?
- melaninchakra

Cogito ergo sum; I think Therefore I am

You look *so* amazing and have great taste!! I'm glad I've found your blog <3
- thecexc

thank you *so* fucking much ^_^

how are you so comfortable with yourself? Have you always been this way? I need to learn. Share your wisdom please
- Anonymous

I’ve really started to resent this question

do you actually smoke cigarettes or do you just have it in that picture of you?
- Anonymous

tomato, tomatoe.

i really have a great fucking face, its strong and soft at the same time like I can’t even believe it sometimes I be like “thats really me???”  

youre very narcassistic it's not attractive
- Anonymous




Hahaha I live for this bitch.



my film, DEAF BROWN GURL is finally here! After one year in the making, it’s here for public viewing. ENGLISH & SPANISH subtitles are available for your watching. My film shows the diversity of Indian society (in Patna) and I wanted to show a variety of Indian groups (Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists), including Deaf Indians (and myself as a Deaf Indian).

"Deaf Brown Gurl" ("La Morena Sorda") a film written, directed, shot, performed, and edited by Sabina England.

-Voice Over & Sound Design by Micropixie.
-Music by Om/Off (Paco Seren and Pablo Alvarez)
-V.O Recording by Elliott Peltzman.

Filmed in India (Old Delhi, India and Patna, Bihar, India)

Sabina England (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Micropixie (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Om/Off (from Spain/desde España) (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter)


One day your bones will get weary of men who refuse to worship the god in you…

On this day you will either slit your soul or gather your spirit
leaving any man who has never called you holy.