looking for web designer/web designer in training/freelancers needing work etc.

i can forgive virgil for the autoplay music *eye emoji* — because the music’s good and it really actually does contribute to the sites mood — but I love the interface of Virgil Abloh’s Off White:  http://off— who can help me make an ecommerce site as simplistic but cooler than his? reblog and tag peopl if you have any awesome web designer friends !! (this is actually a serious question so serious inquiries please: ?


right now i see tons of awesome creative and exciting work from WOC in all artistic mediums with feminist/womanist motifs while also discussing how class/race/gender indentity intersect in their work and it’s fucking exciting so like lets stop waxing poetic about past movements that were generally exclusionary and lets take about the present/future wave of WOC of all races/classes/gender identities etc making good fucking art

nu-voids: I am late but what is even your IG ?

girlll where you been!!

it’s: @sarahnicolefrancois !!!

melwavy: Ok, in regards to the last question about finding good jeans and shit, what are your fav brand jeans that you buy that fit you well because you have a fat ass and so do I and I wanna know where I can get quality jeans that will fit my ass and make it look good as well

my butt really aint that big, like I don’t think I have a “fat” ass, it pokes just a little but I don’t have butt issues when it comes to jeans. I’m mostly VERY hip-y. I’ve got hips for days, so my jean problem is usually finding something that contours my waist and my hips without being too big at the waist in the front or too tight on my hips.  

I feel like those issues are kind of different (?) because when your ass is really big, ill fitted jeans will squish your butt uncomfortably and leave that gap above your crack so that you can’t even sit without your whole ass crack showing. That’s not really a problem that I ever have, like for example I just bought a pair of cheap high wasited jeans from H&M and they fit my thighs and hips even the butt fits fine, but on my waist it’s like a fucking hula-hoop. 

crvvshed: where do you find good jeans bc I have a fat booty and a small waist so basically nothing fits .

I own a few American Apparel Easy Jeans that are cool because they’re mostly spandex but fuck american apparel 

I own a bunch of Men’s jeans that I get from random places .. omg I bought a pair of men’s black bootcut wrangler jeans for like 10 bucks at walmart, why are they like my favorite pair of jeans that I own??? lol I look like a trucker when I wear em but in like a really cool way

seven for all mankind makes really good jeans for curvy girls! 

I don’t really like wearing jeans unless they’re oversized men’s jeans tbh I hate womens jeans they’re never perfect 

Anonymous: i want to blow raspberries on your stomach. that cool?

dont touch me.

just look and admire

but don’t touch me

"I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun."

Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games (via

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when he asks for nudes but you’re not in the mood





Anonymous: i'm angry bc you look so flawless!!!!!