Anonymous said: 1. Top 3 musical artist you are on right now? 2. What were the top 3 things that peaked your interest with the last gent you talked to, got to know or dated? 3. If you were to move from where currently reside, where you move and why?

1. a. young thug
    b. migos
    c. kari faux aka hoodratgeisha

2. a. he has great style but he isn’t like uppity about fashion
    b. he is really fucking funny REALLY fucking funny. 
   c. I just felt really connected to him, like we are really great friends more than we want to bone each other so I can really have like real ass conversations with him and not feel pressured to play a role. He is one of those rare guys you don’t have to sugar coat shit for and he is very smart so he had great insight. (we just aren’t really for each other at this moment so we’re just good friends and we help each other out with our careers from time to time)

3. I would move to a modernized cabin in the woods with a huge studio to work out of, a really strong wifi signal, a security system and a few cats because when I close my eyes and try to imagine what heaven might be like that is what I see rn.

How could I forget to post this gem 💎💎💎💍💍

highendcigarettes said: did you have a fashion major? or did you teach yourself a lot of the stuff used to drop a collection?


and yes

I’ve been sewing and making my own shit since I was a kid and tailoring clothing for everyone in my family (which I really fucking hate doing btw) for the longest fucking time so what I make for 000sportwear is all very simple shit 

Anonymous said: how does someone approach someone like you?

on the internet: just say hi and don’t be fucking weirdo/creep

in real life: just say hi and don’t be fucking a weirdo/creep

sometimes i get in weird moods where I don’t want to talk to anyone but for the most part I’m vry friendly, or at least I can pretend to be.

svensbridge said: Your confidence is absolutely inspiring! I always applaud your selfies. Idk if this makes sense but seeing how much you love yourself sort of helps me love myself more. You're just amazing. Thank you.

that’s awesome keep it up beautiful <3


omahyra wearing versace s/s 2003

Anonymous said: Where do you live? Are you in college? Why are you single?

1. why would I tell thousands of people on the internet where I live?

2. yes.


Anonymous said: 1) what would you say to someone who wants to start designing their own clothes? I'm interested in making knitwear and tshirts. 2) (boy question) how do you deal with this culture of hooking up? 3) how does one cultivate character? Ps- props to you for recording audre lorde, 'twas bless up

1. just do it. it’s a lot of fucking work but if you love it it’s worth it.

2.  Idk I “hook up” sometimes if that’s what I want at that moment. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it does and it’s usually very fun to just have a good time with someone and feel no obligation to them. I think, if you do it right and it isn’t an issue of obsession or addiction, it’s very healthy every once in a while.

Other times, like most of the time tbh, I don’t bother with men who aren’t “friends” because they’re a lot of soul suckers out there under “cute boy” disguises and I aint tryna get caught up in no bullshit so I just exist as this like asexual being that takes most men 0% seriously because I don’t really know what else to do 0:) (I’m mostly very ok with that)

3. when shitty things happen to you in life and you work through it and can look back at it with retrospect and analyze it and who you are in correlation, that is character… I think? lol idk I want some chips

Anonymous said: Hey I just started sewing but now I need a zipper to complete the project that I'm working on. Do yo know where I should go to find good quality zippers?

honestly guys like GOOGLE is like a really huge thing 0:)

dirtyymindofagoodgirll said: You make your own clothes, right? I got a sewing machine for my birthday and I am so confused about how to use it. Any advice?

yes and Ive got a little mini line but like this isn’t me being a bitch or anything but like.. google anything you need to know. that’s what I did.. and back then there wasn’t nearly as many internet resources as they were back then.

Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.

keep it clean 

keep it safe

and (unlike me earlier today) keep it nonproblematic please 0:)



things to take 

  • care 
  • it easy
"if he isn’t calling you then it’s okay to feel
this destroyed over a boy but remember
he did you a favor i know you think this is
the end but it is also the beginning it is also
cleaning up after yourself you can’t keep
crawling inside other people sooner or later
the heap of clothes at the foot of your bed
is going to stand up on its own and talk back
you can’t just wash your hair in the sink
forever when there are people with real
problems who still remember to recycle
and when did you become so soft? trying
so hard to look sexy in photos that you come
off as confused eating nothing but waffles
is not a diet even if there are blueberries
don’t ask just tell about the kinds of shocking
things you find under your nail beds your
mother warned you about pain that would be
there one day and then gone the next she
warned you about it all"

Kristina Haynes, “If He Isn’t Calling You” (via fleurishes)