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noire-creole said: You're really sexy and interesting, your dad's a babe, but the main reason I'm here is because I noticed the music in the bg of the video with your dad. Is your family Haitian/any other West Indian?


msblutrini said: I have the absolute hardest time thirfting! I see people find amazinggggg stuff all the time and I'm like 😑 wtf am I doing wrong?! Either I look through everything and find nothing or walk in the store and feel overwhelmed... I think I'm thrifting deficient lol Any tips? I live in NYC btw

I haven’t thrifted in forever because honestly, it takes SOO much time, effort and fucking patience. I used to run a resale shop my friend and I would thrift and go to estate sales to find things we can restore and sell.

Most of the time it’s sort of a hit or miss, you can go for like 5 days straight and find nothing but crap, but the 6th day you find something so glorious it makes the other five days worth all that effort. So don’t go with any expectations or looking for anything in particular, you just have to treat it like a treasure hunt. The more you do it the better you get at it. 

Most thrift places have a schedule, certain days when they process most of their products or days when they have certain discounts, if you go on those days and times specifically you’re likely to find all the best stuff. Try to become a regular at your  local thrift shop and learn the environment, If you get real cozy with the workers they’ll start low-key saving you things they think you might like too, but don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely love, even if it’s dirt cheap.

If you don’t love it, you don’t need it. 

You live in a GREAT city for thrift, especially if you go to Harlem, Brooklyn or Queens. (One of my favorite spots in NY is the Goodwill in Hells Kitchen, idk if its luck but I always find gems in there when I go.)

Good Luck!

Anonymous said: If it's not too much trouble, would you mind starting to tag your shopping answers? I'd love to be able to look back at these useful tips!

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carefreeeblackgirl said: tips on shopping for women with wide hips/ thick thighs? It's hard finding the right pair of jeans that fit both my waist and my bottom perfectly without breaking bank.


like, you can get something tailored for like 5-10 extra dollars at the cleaners or something. It’s not particularly expensive to do and while it can be a hassle because you buy something and you kind of want it to fit right when you try it on… but like its just not realistic. Buy a size up and tailor them down!

teetherescue said: What are the basics you've built your wardrobe on?

I actually did the opposite of building my wardrobe, I had to sort of strip my shit down.

I had a lot of clothes I never even touched and couldn’t even begin to find a use for because I did a lot of impulsive buying. I would go to stores and buy things that I thought were cute and I didn’t really consider whether or not I had any actual use for em.

So instead of building it I had to sort of sort everything out that I had,get rid of what I didn’t need or didn’t love and now I buy things with “looks” in mind. Before each season, I usually make a master list of all the things I want for the season and work my way down the list slowly. If I can’t, off the top of my head, imagine at least 3 different outfits that I can wear it with, I don’t need it.

Anonymous said: What would you say are the top staple shoe types to have in a closet when building a wardrobe with minimal colour?

  • a good interchangeable shoe or sandal that you can wear just about everywhere and never have to feel over or under dress
  • 2 pairs of heels: one “sensible” pair for business (even if your job doesn’t require you dress up, you should have a pair anyway) and a pair just for you.
  •  tennis shoes
  • and a pair of boots if the climate of where you live calls for it.


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prostitutionsolution said: do you have any shopping tips on how to get the best deals etc? I'm going off to college soon and my wardrobe is pretty tragic, and unfortunately I have yet to learn how to sew.


department store shop
Stores like macy’snordstrom rack, saks fifth, and neimans last call are the best places to get great quality clothes for really decent prices. Esp. if you learn how to shop during the right times, particularly in between seasons and when they have huge inventory blowouts! (rn all these stores are having amazing clearances which is why I just bought those shoes) Get their coupon cards or frequent shopper cards and only buy things that will help you BUILD your wardrobe.

Never go into a store just to look and see what happens. Shop with a purpose, make lists and monthly goals. That helps you realize what’s attainable for you financially. I’ve got these Vince heels and joggers I’m currently planning for in the next two weeks because I’m in need of a good casual heel and a bottom that I can dress up or down. You’ve got to think versatility, esp in the beginning when you’re building the foundation of your wardrobe.. stay away from statement pieces you can only wear once in a while until you’ve got your closet skeleton down.

Try to stay away from fast fashion stores (h&M, Forever 21..etc.) Their trendy styles and cheap prices can be enticing, but with them you’re getting what you pay for and you’re likely to end up with a garment that will fall apart in a few months, so you’re essentially throwing your money away. You’ve really got to invest in your closet, shell out the extra 10 or 20 bucks for some clearance rack designer item from a few seasons ago that will last you forever.