Anonymous said: Starting a new high school and tips on how to be ok?

Remember that everything is temporary and that even though it may seem like this is some huge defining moment in your life, it is only 4 short years and in the grand scheme of things it is nothing. 4 years is actually nothing and it can go by in a blink of an eye.

Take advantage of the time you have, do and learn about the things you love. Focus on yourself, focus on learning about yourself, focus on loving yourself.. Surround yourself with awesome people, and by awesome I mean people that have cool interests or people that make you feel good, or people that are great to talk to and have around or people that are funny.. Pay no attention to any kind of social hierarchy, it’s all an empty facade, it means nothing. IT MEANS NOTHING. Who you are in high school doesn’t define who you are, who you are going to become or who you want to be.

and most importantly, please make it your business to have some fucking fun. 


A-POC Demo, June 5 2000. A project developed by Issey Miyake and Dai Fujiwara

Title: I Gotta Stay Fly



I cry every time i listen to this like


Just a few items from the hand drawn one-of-a-kind Kelly Wearstler x Shantell Martin collection available on 1stdibs and . Enjoy!


*DJs at your wedding*

*plays only power metal and refuses to break eye contact with your father*


*shows up late to my exorcism with a pumpkin spice latte*