The new aesthetic: Satin bonnet-core


Alexis Esquivel

La soga Maravillosa (the marvelous rope), 1999-2001. Performance.

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My aesthetic has been the same: beauty supply thot

Anonymous: you making awesome, cute, amazing shit with simple designs is how you're able to make youre shit so affordable. If you were sitting here hand embellishing everything then youre prices would go up and then they'd complain about that lol. People always have something negative to say like child bye

lol! you're exactly right though

I have a good understanding of what my demographic is and I know most of ya’ll are struggling 20-somethings trying to chase your dreams but who would like to look cute in the process so I’m here for ya’ll and I keep my price points with that in mind. 

ntrt: Do you make everything yourself or do you have a manufacturer?

everything is by me as of right now.

That won’t be the case for long because dear god this is a lot of work

grab: hey love I'm obsessed with your 000sportwear line. question will you be adding unisex/men's pieces to your collection? x

I’m working with one of my favorite mixed media artist on my first 2 unisex pieces for May! Other than that I don’t have any other plans to release anything unisex but we’ll see what happens

Anonymous: You rock those high waisted skirts soo good that, everytime I see someone wearing a high waisted skirt, I think of you



I jus wanna be Sarah Nicole Francois when I grow up

<3 <3

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these poses are awkward but I look adorable so lets look past it collectively


alice coltrane’s harp solo ;___________;

googlemyboobs: It's probably weird but I have been looking everywhere trying to find your blog lol. You're mad gorgeous 😍😍

aww well I'm glad you've found me

thank you for your compliments <3