Anonymous: Your most recent photoshoot in the parking lot looks ! You're a visionary gotdamn

thank you, thank you! *bows humbly*

@_lisasails killing it in the 000SPORTWEAR/// Backless Parachute Buckle dress #FloridaGoth #000sportwear


Subject verb agreement is optional for me I’m country

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Having family in O & what I see in your work (forgive me if this is intrusive) is the imperative to strip symbols of tourism (comfy shoes) & sanitized “adventure” of O’s compulsively saccharine, “family friendliness” to reveal the intrepid/dangerous

ohhhh wow yes I love your perspective. I honestly wasn’t even consciously going for that, the darkness the “Goth” park was really about aesthetic but now I'm realizing that there’s a lot to be said about the fabricated safeness of this city. Just with theme parks like Sea World or Disney alone, with all the animal and employee abuse, child sexual assault rings, just sort of stripping down that mystique that a lot of people come here for like wow you just helped me take this project to a whole nother level yessss

ropemastersensei: u sick widdit.

ikr :)

Anonymous: I'm curious what kind of ideology is the Florida Goth thing about?

this is all still very.. theoretical I haven’t fully worked out the kinks yet… But from what I can make out from my voice note rants I have recorded  on my iphone, in general, it’s about the disassociation with the cultural identity of Orlando. 

I won’t go in too much detail but, I think it might be brilliant (?) 

My aim is to sort of bring up an interesting perspective to a dialogue a lot of the people — particularly the artists — who live here constantly have. There’s always this search for validity as a city culturally and with my Florida Tourist Goth ideology I'm just sort of calling attention to the one element of Orlando culture the artist who live here are constantly trying to disassociate Orlando from, the kitschy tourist culture! Tourist are the electrons to our Tourist Industry Nucleus of Orlando they are terrible to be around but they are the main economic source of income for this city and I am inspired by the culture they’ve unintentionally created here. 

also remember how I wrote this whole thing about “Florida Tourist Goth” and how I was going to make it a #movement?

well I'm going to be doing an exhibition on it in a few months like a whole show dedicated basically just to my aesthetic lmfao. I can’t tell if this is a brilliant or crazy idea, either is fine with me tbh. I am going to take over the world with this, I’m working on a dissertation about it and it will become a new ideology.

(I love styling people in 000sportwear because i basically just dress them in exactly what I wear on a regular basis and I get to see exactly how amazing I’m always looking but like on somebody else and photographed the way I wish someone could/would photograph me, #perspectiveonhowbombIam)



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