drake ft. sriracha

drake album cover


*listens to the high by kelela*

*takes you up on your threesome offer*


Dior by John Galliano
Anonymous: U do? U don't carry over a size 12

Darling for the THIRD TIME, if you need any size I don’t have available, I do custom sizing

Anonymous: Hi Sarah, do you ever get overwhelmed by how much you haven't done with the free time you've had in the past? I'm 20 right now, every other time I speak to a friend and hear about the places they've travelled to and things they've done, I loose touch of the little moments i've had and begin to feel like i've done fuck all with my holidays/ spare time. There's this immense pressure to 'live' to tell stories and have a more exciting life. I'm unsure of how to handle this feeling

Not really. That’s just not something I can relate to overall. I don’t feel any type of way about my life relative to what anyone else is doing or has done, and anytime I’ve spent “wasted” by other peoples standards was never actually wasted time but time spent reflected or spent learning or honing in on my craft or just relaxing and giving myself a much needed break from the world

There’s so much pressure to be active and always doing things just for the sake of it, especially these days thanks to social media where we have all this access to everyone’s life and we’ve got most people flexing about how much they’re doing or how much fun they’re having but noone is ever having as much fun as you think they are.

I really try not adhere to that way of thinking. In my opinion, doing absolutely nothing is grossly underrated

Anonymous: i mean like 4xl and above all i see on ur site is up to 2xl

Again I do and did. If you want a size that don’t have listed I do custom sizing for every garment!

kikikikikikikikikikikiki: I'm LOVING your stuff fucking fabulous looks. Is it possible to get a harness sized to a non-breasted chest? I see you size to order but I wanna double check before the bday order goes in!

The dress doesn’t fit tight, it fits a little loose like a shift dress so if you’ve got a small chest it’s fine! The way it fit on Lisa in the editorial is exactly how it would look on you. She’s got a small chest too and she wore it without a bra underneath

Anonymous: Did you watch that video of Amber Rose twerking? She's outshining you right now. Are you just gonna take that?

Don’t talk to me like we friends I don’t know you