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Black folks in the 70s. Feeling free and gettin’ down. You’re welcome. 

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"Don’t ever think a man loves you because he keeps coming back. That man loves the power he has over you. He knows you’ll take him back."
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 I don’t like jordans.

I really kind of hate jordans.

"My sex, dark as an orchid, rubbery and blue-purple as pulpo, an octopus, does not look nice and tidy, but otherworldly. I do not have little rosette nipples. My nipples are big and brown like the coins of my childhood."
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"Discovering sex was like discovering writing. It was powerful in a way couldn’t explain. Like writing, you had to go beyond the guilt and shame to get to anything good. Like writing, it could take you to deep and mysterious subterranean levels. With each new depth I found out things about myself I didn’t know I knew. And, like writing, for a slip of a moment it could be spiritual, the cosmos pivoting on a pin, could empty and fill you all at once like a Ganges, a Piazzolla tango, a tulip bending in the wind. I was no one, I was nothing, and I was everything in the universe little and large—twig, cloud, sky. How had this incredible energy been denied me!"
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I remember both of these ads like Y E S T E R D A Y


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Anonymous: oh thank you for the link, I wish i saw that sooner so didn't have to waste your time asking lol. your clothes are great!!!

not a waste of time at all feel free to ask any questions at any time