i am the greatest man that ever lived


Lemme paint YOU, yo mama and yo cousin too…

Here’s the deal, since last Summers art and a deal went BEYOND great,I’m ready to get back at it again.

This time around, I’m painting portraits. Same $50 deal. Woop! You, your mom,girlfrand,boyfrand,granny,anyone..as long as you send me a decent quality photo,I got you on the rest.


An 11’14 acrylic painting on stretched canvas. Signed and dated on the back

and all priced at $50..pretty cool,right? (plus free shipping)

All paintings will be completed within 1-3 days of notification and payment. Afterwards, the portrait will be wrapped and shipped immediately.

*All emails and inquires should be sent to: sharlahammond@yahoo.com

Help a broke college student/artist and most importantly,Support the Arts!

love and light to you,


this is a really awesome hustle, her portraits are ah-mazing

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    pretty sweet deal i must say. *looks for $50*
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    Support her! I know her and she is awesome. =)
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    Just for the ATLiens reference. GAWS
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