Because you know how much I love to enumerate things:

1. You can’t focus for too long on a single loss or victory. Either one has the potential to derail you from your track.  

2. Never cease telling people who are special to you just how special they are. If you don’t tell them, sometimes they forget…and they may think you have forgotten too.

3. All people really need are faith, hope, and love. Money (and in a way, education in the pay-thousands-of-dollars-to-acquire-it sense of the word) is the defense mechanism people rely on when they’re lacking in one or more of the three.

4. If you regularly comment or complain about how screwed up things are in the world, and you devote none of your time, effort, or earnings to positively change them, you’ve done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING worth noting. Even worse: if you choose to live without a single cause, you’ll die without any effect.

5. Take risks - educated ones. “Innovative” and “safe” don’t exactly go hand in hand.

6. Nothing - not any one physical, mental, or emotional aspect of love could be overrated if it is genuine.

7. You are not superhuman. Get your own problems under control before trying to solve those of others.

8. Arrogance is not always a sign of intelligence; it’s often a sign of overcompensation as well. Know the difference.

9. If you give up hope in people, you don’t really have much to live for. At all.

10. Tell children the truth. If you treat them like they’re too young for the truth, you’re crippling them as developing adults. There is no age-limit on honesty.

11. If you only focus on negativity, you’ll grow jaded, cynical, and pessimistic way before the age when society deems that behavior acceptable.

12. If you only focus on positivity….well, you’d be ignorant and would be willingly making yourself blind to many facts. But you’d still be happy.

13.  Encourage kids to do their best and constantly tell them they have the potential to do anything they want to in life. No, this doesn’t contradict #10. If you even for a moment think it does, you’ve become exactly the disparager you’ve probably been prepped to be for the majority of your life AND you don’t know what it means to live to your full potential.

14. It should be a crime to know more about/be more invested in pop culture than your own culture. Educate yourself ABOUT yourself; you can’t expect anyone else to.

15. Don’t spend too much time with people who complain or judge others too much. It rubs off, and you won’t like the person you’d be becoming.

16. Seek mentorship and be a mentor to others as often as you can. There’s a great potential to learn from everyone you meet. Tap into it.

17. (a) Stop talking about and (b) don’t do something to avenge yourself against so-called “haters”. You have nothing to prove to them (assuming they actually exist and aren’t just a figment of your egotistical imagination), and if you choose to spend your life living for people who you think “hate” you over living for those who you know love you, you’ve missed the point of it all.

18. Generally speaking, you’ll always meet an exception to your preconceived generalizations. Therefore, don’t assume too much about people you don’t know.

19. Don’t compare yourself to people who are either all too below or too above your standard of achievement. You’ll either grow complacent or you’ll never be satisfied. Both are deadly.

20. You really learn a lot about your work ethic and your character if you think of everything you’ve done and everything you’re doing as a job…where you’re your own boss.

21. It’s ok to believe - whatever it is you choose to believe in, be it GOD, love, success, dreams, justice, freedom etc. If you are going to believe, though - believe passionately. That’s really the only way one can believe.

22. Be humble. You have much less to be proud of than you have to be thankful for.

23. Sounds simple enough, but take everything in moderation. Too much of anything will hurt you.

24. You’ve outgrown naivety; continue to be generous, but don’t feel ashamed to field someone’s intentions before you give. True friends take no offense to this.

25. Most importantly, know thyself. And act accordingly. Doing one without the other is nonsense.